Waiting for Peace, Justice, Joy, and Love

Posted December 9, 2012 @ 9:05am | by Tripp

Good morning, all. It's Sunday and I'm ponderng the usual ponderables for this time of year. You know...waiting and love and joy and peace and justice. I'm pondering the intersection between religion and justice...

...or is it faith and ethics? I think that might be the wrong question, but it's keeping my brain going this morning. 

The cats from Homebrewed Christianity made some videos at the Big Religion Conference (AAR/SBL) in Chicago this year. You might like what Diana Butler Bass had to say about Advent...and waiting and justice and how fleeting it all is...

At First Baptist the kids and I are still tinkering with our Christmas tree. That should keep us busy this morning. Then, this afternoon, several of us are going Christmas caroling, visiting some of the older or infirm members of our congregation and offering a little music. We'll stick around for some dinner together and then call it a day.

Oh. Wait. Spouse's show closes today. I guess I'll be going to the closing night party at the Aurora Theater tonight. 

Egads! LOL! Welcome to Sunday! 

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