The Post-Easter Crash and Tech Week

Posted April 3, 2018 @ 6:31pm | by Tripp

The Post-Easter Crash is real, y'all. Jesus gets up and I get down. Thankfully, there's therapy and other good things to keep me plugging along and not down in my cups. Sadly, right now, I am drinking a decaf iced latte.

I know. I know.

Three weeks ago the doctor told me to cut back on the caffeine from about eight cups a day to one. One. 

My love for caffeine and coffee in particular has not diminished. Drinking decaf feels like the worst kind of heresy, of course. I'm looking for decent beans. I have some of Trader Joe's decaf French Roast. It's not awful. 

Yes, I feel better. And, yes, I am sure it was one of many reasons I was able to crank out a bunch of dissertation words last week and have plans for more this week. There are, of course, Other Reasons, but the lack of a caffeine high actually helped me focus before noon.

One of the Other Reasons involved taking a step back from social media. "Freedom" is a helpful app. So is blocking Facebook and Twitter from my phone. Instagram was also set aside. Thus, I wrote other things. There were some long-form blog posts and a few thousand dissertation words. 

I know. You are shocked. Shocked, I say. So very shocked. 

I, however, am always disappointed when the obvious is true. *heavy sigh*

Anyway, back to the Post-Easter Crash. It's Spring Break for many of the Berkeley schools and day care centers. Gratefully, the daycare we have EP enrolled in has a skeleton crew for basic play time and lunch from 9:00 - 1:00. He's there today, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friends are pitching in and Trish and I are going to be home more. Trish is going into tech, of course. I'm unable to keep all these salient details in my head, so things are already falling through the cracks. I'm not particularly bright these days. 

Still, work is happening. I'm helping in the Ritual class per my TA responsibilities at CDSP. My awe and gratitude for the teachers here and throughout the GTU continues. I'm going to be dissertating this week (timelines timelines timelines). I've a class to teach at church the next three Sundays on preaching. Did I mention Trish is going into technical rehearsals and will work 20+ hours this weekend? 

Please understand that tech week is not a new phenomenon. We are quite good at this. So, there will be Daddy and EP time. We will be going to a hip-hop exhibit in Oakland on Friday. I understand that there are Sacred Heart Snoop Dog votives in the gift shop. Yes, I will be getting one. Saturday will include fun outings. Sunday is church and play with friends in the afternoon. We're going to be great. It's just...busy. 

The Lord is Risen. 

We're busy. The Crash is very busy. 


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