Slow your roll, Messiah.

Posted December 20, 2017 @ 1:39am | by Tripp

Iconfess that the liturgical gymnastics of trying to fit in the fourth Sunday of Advent with Christmas Eve causes me great amusement.

”Come quickly, Lord Jesus,” we pray.
“Okay!” the Nazorean responds. “How about now?”
“Woah! Slow down your roll, Messiah!”

Yes, it’s our piety at work, our rhythm of prayer and I’m right there wishing for an extra few days just like so many others. Yet, I keep hearing this same response to prayer, “How about now? Is now good?”

The folding of liturgical time in upon itself is a lesson all its own and a rather obvious one at that. God’s future visits us whether we are ready for it or not. So, “people get ready” is not just a great song (Yes, it’s a great song.) founded on some eschatological nuance in Matthew’s Gospel. Nope. It is the immediate clarion cry of the jubilant God Come Down. 

People get ready. Time is folding in on itself. Our piety is no protection. The liturgical calendar itself is God’s Own Creature. It does not belong to us after all. 

Who knew?
Really, who?


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