Singing Peace

Posted July 21, 2016 @ 2:39pm | by Tripp

Perhaps I think too much. And, no, this is not the first time that such a notion has snuck up on me in the middle of the day for a while. It's a common enough intellectual haunting I endure. There is nothing unique about it. Today I am thinking about peace and what it means to be at peace or to offer peace. Can one say "peace be with you" and then vote for someone who promises to make their lives quite unpeaceful?

Think about those who will vote for Trump because they believe in his promises and such promises bring them peace. Think about those who will vote for Clinton because her promises bring them peace. Think about those who voting against a candidate simply because the very thought of the other brings discord. Peace. It's slippery stuff.

I just got back from spending several days in the peaceful redwood forests of Big Basin State Park here in California. The Santa Cruz mountains are glorious. I love the stately tall trees and the silence of the groves. I also love the people I gathered with and though the Jesusy nature of our gathering can be...overwhelming at times, I am grateful for the peace it brings to my life and the work of peacemaking so many of them are involved with.

Peace, for me, is less and less an indivdual experience. I have gone so far as to exclaim, "I do not experience peace. Only we can experience peace." In this instance, peace is a state of relationship rather than a state of inward calm. Peacemaking is notoriously political. It is notoriously agitating.

When we returned home from our escapades, I was stunned at how much the political processes revealed to us in social media and at the GOP convention demonstrated a lack of peacefulness of any kind. There was one person who offered peace that I know of.


This prayer, sung at that, brought me an inner calm and promised a kind of peace worth working for.

Singing peace, musicking peace, are practices I am slowly becoming reacquainted with. Many of us find ourselves without peace, our calm is disturbed, and all we hear are the politics of discord. We are more than uncomfortable, we are afraid.

I want to sing toward hope. I want to music toward hope. I want to write toward hope.

Tell the truth. Bring rigorous honesty to the table. one another hope.

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