Reconciliation and Depravity

Posted March 29, 2017 @ 2:06pm | by Tripp

I cannot express to you the depth of human depravity until you are willing to admit that sometimes people are simply cruel, selfish, greedy, and even murderous. Until you are willing to hear the voices of the oppressed, the refugee, or the downtrodden who cry out the reality of injustice, you will never be ready to hear about the depravity of the human spirit.

Look, I'm no Calvinist. His notion of depravity has little to do with what I'm spelling out. He was just trying to get us to understand that salvation was not ours for the taken. Instead, it is only for God to give. What I'm talking about is how we live together and why some of us refuse to admit that cruelty and evil in all its forms are true expressions of humanity. It may not be our best work, but it is no less real (true) than our love, kindness, compassion, and tenderness.

When will we admit that the person committing atrocities in the name of Whatever is behaving in a human manor? They are not less human for doing it. Less humane, sure. But not less human.

We have all kinds of ways to imagine ourselves out of this conundrum. It's true. We hate to imagine that people could possibly be so cruel. Aren't we all, in the end, just good people trying to get by?

No. Not all of us.

We really need to begin to understand this if we're going to find reconciliation with one another. In the work of Reconciliation, we must come to terms with the whole spectrum of human motivation and character.

We do not all embody our highest ideals nor do we always want to.

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