I Am All Astonishment

Posted March 22, 2016 @ 4:42pm | by Tripp


It's been an astonishing Lent. Nothing I have experienced is quite like incorporating this new person into our lives. Especially into our religious lives. #EP will be baptized at the Great Vigil of Easter surrounded by those whom he may never remember as time passes, but who love him no less.

There will be Godparents Manifold and they give me such hope for who he may yet become. Tonight, I'm pondering All The Ponderables again as I slowly gain cognitive traction on what the dissertation could be about. Beauty. Authenticity. Musical signs and symbols. It's all liturgy, so we may as well get to it, no?

This Lent I gave up my @anglobaptist Twitter feed. This blog will be retooled (Continued kudos to Trevor and the gang at Space2Burn for their curation.). Sonic Theology is on @Medium now and if all goes well, there will be a sonictheology.org soonish. Yes, I'm looking for writers. I'm in conversation with Wild Goose about the summer. I passed my comprehensive exams; #occupycomps has become #occupydis. I have been named the Bogard Fellow at Church Divinity School of the Pacific. Most recently, I am teamed up with some friends in hot pursuit of a grant to do some fun work that dovetails nicely with my dissertation work. I've been oblivious to the process. It's like walking in the high grass. I'm just waiting for something to give.

Trish has been working her ass off for The Aurora Theater and Bay Area Children's Theater this year. She's gifted and hard working. As we constantly re-negotiate how we manage our little family, she inspires me with her passion and commitment to Make Things Work. 

And now to Holy Week. I've a Maundy Thursday sermon to write. Beauty, love, and the complexities of loving like Jesus loves in the midst of all of our own loves. God is in our loving. Now what? 

Y'all give me hope, O Intertubes. Thanks for all you do. 

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