Posted December 17, 2017 @ 3:58pm | by Tripp


In that upside down time before time began, when the swirly whirly gyre was all there wasn’t, there was breath. A deepening groan. An exhalation so fraught with purpose that the very cosmos shuddered and what made no sense suddenly became sensible. Divine interruption. Time was made of no time and the swirly whirly gyre became a street known as Straight; a river flowing from breath to life. The trees that grow by its banks feed all creation. Injury is healed. Sins are pardoned. Grace is a fruit that drops into the palm of the expectant hand. Why then, O Soul, are you so bitterly alone? Why are you starving? Why are you thirsting? 

Why would you not simply hold out your hand? Gaudeamus.

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