Christmas: Day, The Third

Posted December 27, 2017 @ 12:25pm | by Tripp

Ilove the fog. The fog is thick in Berkeley this morning. We just watched it roll in from our kitchen windows. I can see maybe one hundred yards up the hill from our apartment.

I love the fog.

On the kitchen table is a bowl of sweet oranges. The bowl is red like a poinsettia's flowers. Made at Emerson Creek Pottery, it is a kind reminder of home in Virginia. The oranges, however, a pure California. I am coming to enjoy this holiday hybridity. Even some of the cuisine we are pondering for New Years Eve reflects this hybridity. Crabs and tamales? You bet!

I am trying to spend a little time tidying up the grade sheet from the spring semester. Then I can look at the history chapter of my dissertation for four minutes before Trish and Elias return from a brief outing.

I love the fog.

It is a kind reminder of the embrace of friends and opportunities here in California. It is a hug.

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