A Response to Pres. Obama @POTUS #DemsInPhilly

Posted July 28, 2016 @ 12:57am | by Tripp

This might take a bit. Get comfortable. I have to step back in for a moment and confess to you all that I have not lived up to my end of the bargain as framed by President Obama this evening. Instead, I have given in to fear and cynicism. I have let the rancor and demagoguery from all corners get the best of me. I trip over my own ego. Tonight, though, I was inspired. 

I had to go back and watch President Obama's convention address because y'all were tweeting and posting about it. It was everywhere. Even some of my Republican conservative folk said things like, "This is the speech our candidate should be giving." And they were right. It was the speech we all need to hear and hearken to. 

Democracy is difficult. Self-rule is complicated, cumbersome, and demands our most tenacious virtues of hope, optimism, and the willingness to not always have our own way. It demands sacrifice. It demands courage. It demands the slow plodding movement toward liberty. And we have a significant way to go yet. We are not all yet free.

I'm beside myself. I don't know what else to say...

...I will endeavor to do better by you all. Thank you for your tenacious hope, your audacious hope. 

We're far from done here, but I'm going to try harder and get more involved. Tim Kaine (my favorite midwestern carpetbagger and Virginian) is in the running. Hillary Clinton has been given the smoothest political handoff in the history of American politics. She has been given an incredible foundation. It is up to all of to see that the American experiment live into its full potential. 

It is up to us to see that our political leaders live into their full potential.

May God grant me the strength and courage to be better than I am. 

Demagoguery cannot be allowed to hold us back. Hope can bring us forward. Fear and cynicism, as familiar bedfellows as they might be, must be put aside. There is real work to do and there are real people to do it with. I see that a little more clearly right now. I hope to see it even more clearly tomorrow. 

So, I'm going to write. I'm going to get to know you better. I'm going to learn and teach and preach and sing and rub my son's noggin whenever I get the chance. There is real work to do. 

And I want to do it with you.

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