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Posted February 10, 2016 @ 6:59pm | by Tripp

Okay. I can do this. One. Last. Essay. 

The Music of Emergence Christianity: Michael Gungor's “The Creation Liturgy” 

    Genre-defying musician, Michael Gungor has received critical and popular acclaim from within and outside the Contemporary Christian Music scene. Gungor describes his music as "liturgical post-rock" as an attempt to name a kind of music that exists between the cracks of secular and sacred contemporary popular rock musics and pokes fun at the present day Christian music industry. In the process of navigating these complicated commercial and social realities, Gungor has sought creative "authenticity." His understanding of authenticity is musical, theological, and devotional rooted in negotiating the demands of his faith community as well as the Christian and secular musical industries. 

    This paper will analyze and critique Gungor's 2010 live album, "A Creation Liturgy" by interpreting the liner notes, album cover, and published interviews (videographic and print) as well as Gungor's book The Crowd, The Critic, and The Muse: A Book for Creators, and personal interviews held with Michael Gungor. Through this analysis we may come to a better understanding of the complex relationships between the music, musicians, and listening communities as they relate to the complicated concept of authenticity.


I. Introduction
II. The Crowd: Holy People
III. The Critic: Ambiguous Markets 
IV. The Muse: Mysterium Tremendum?
V. Conclusion

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