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Posted May 10, 2016 @ 1:38pm | by Tripp

It's been a little while since I updated the old blog. I've been stuck in social media writ smaller of late. Facebook and Twitter present themselves as more urgent concerns. Also, many of my people are there. Still, the blog deserves more of my time and likely Facebook and Twitter less. Instagram is always a joy, though. 

Ah, Instagram. 


The Very Hungry Caterpillar: a reading by #Mixtape

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So, here is what I know and where I am. I finally submitted something that might pass for a draft of my dissertation proposal to my advisor. It's lackluster, but worth plodding through. I'm still keen on forms of liturgy like rock concerts and festivals and how one might analyse them liturgiologically. Yes, that's a word. 

The thesis goes something like this: In this dissertation, I argue that communities of ecclesially estranged believers are repurposing familiar and creating new liturgical forms through gatherings more commonly understood to be concerts or festivals. The liturgical intent behind the musicking events makes these same events liturgies. By situating these events as evangelical liturgies and analyzing them through an ethnomusicological lens, I will demonstrate that such musicking events are more than "liturgical" but are themselves liturgies performed by people estranged from their evangelical communities utilizing opportunities to gather to meet a felt liturgical need. 

So, yeah. There it is. 

In the meanwhile, EP is a growing boy. A ton of fun and getting more mobile with each passing moment.

ABSW is going through some tough times with the passing of our President, Dr. Paul Martin. We've tapped an interim and all of us are having to pull extra duty until the dust settles. Relatedly, I'm getting a cohort of recruiters together. The candidates have been presenting themselves. I'm enjoying the work. We'll be at Wild Goose Festival again this summer. I have been tapped to serve as the Liturgical Coordinator again. 

Lastly, I'm trying to get to a digital pedagogy workshop in August. Again, there's a lot going on this summer. I'm hopeful most of it will prove fruitful and I'll even squeeze in some time to write. The dissertation always seems to fall to the side. Alas. 

Like everyone who has ever done this work, keeping the dissertation front and center is the challenge. 


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