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Posted December 5, 2013 @ 10:41am | by Tripp

That is the word
 that I am looking for.
Flood. Burial.
A levitical move,
to be sure.
The barriers break down
and all comes crashing 'round;
the season,
and the reasons,
and they all go mad,
and call it
I was watching a movie
where a child ran
through an airport
for a kiss
a taste of love and a future
(the future is everything)
in the present moment.
Security, they chased him down.
No one was hurt. No child left behind.
Just an officer's scowl and a father's grin.
I love this movie.
And yet, every time I watch it,
this scene, this glorious fruition of what actually
is all around (love, that is),
strikes me as the one lie in the film.
I have never escaped this feeling.
The barriers are circumvented
and a kiss is bestowed upon a child.
The planes wait. The adults are in cahoots with grace
(a sales clerk is the anonymous hero).
No holiday special with its dancing snowpeople
was ever so bold
in reframing what is real,
what is true.
The world is aflood with Love and
the only way to show us
is to lie.
This is the gospel truth.  

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