Posted June 18, 2014 @ 8:51am | by Tripp

The heat and humidity envelop me. Their embrace is a welcome change from the chillier encouragement of the San Francisco Bay. I am gratefully surprised that I am learning to call so many places "home." This has been a long time coming.

I find myself mapping out my world in many ways lately. Born here, raised hither and yon, lived in one place, then another, and another, and the future holds its geographical secrets no doubt. There's a "virtual" map of online connection as well. I find the conflation of the networks to be a puzzle worth solving. How does one live with so many connections?

I am a radical...rooted (radix) in so many place, my roots spread outward with each move, with each job, with each conference, it seems to me.

I must confess that I thirst for deeper connections as grateful as I am for these manifold opportunities. I need to dive more deeply.

I've also noticed lately that some of my rootedness happens in and around academic libraries. I wonder why that is.

Tomorrow I will preach at our noon chapel service at VTS. It's Juneteenth, a day that many in our country know as a celebration of the liberation of African slaves in the United States. Others are still ignorant of its existence. Our noon services are brief. The homilies are intended to be three to five minutes. I am, unsurprisingly, feeling the pressures of the limitation.

That said, I hope you will stop by. I would be glad to see you.

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