No one is interested in Jesus.

Posted August 13, 2013 @ 1:46am | by Tripp

It never occurred to me to speak of something true
or to sing of love, beauty, and unrequited desire.
Instead I offered you pretense,
or worse,

God in Heaven forbid I should offer you a zealot
a mystic, soothsayer, heretic, unmarried,
and thus unmanned,
pretender to the throne of David.
No one is interested
in Jesus.
Not today.
He's never been all that popular.
Well known, sure.
But loved for who he is?

No. Instead I offer you pablum.
Weak ass morality with a veneer
of religiosity and middle-class success,
practical advice for a pragmatic people.
I never turned over the tables
in your Holy of Holies.
I never cried, "woe to you who are rich now."
Not I.
I am weak.
And I too
Never loved Jesus.
Not enough.
Not enough.

So, from me you will not hear of truth,
love, beauty, or even unrequited desire.
And I will stop speaking of Jesus.
I never liked him much, anyway.

No one is interested in Jesus.

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