Monday Videopost: Skiffle Strikes Back

Posted February 11, 2013 @ 9:08am | by Tripp

I had fun watching my twitter feed last night as the Grammy Awards made their way across the country. I admit it's a little frustrating to live on the West Coast. There were no surprises here. No, ma'am. But the snark kept me entertained. That's something.

There was a goodly amount of snark offered up in complaint about Mumford and Sons as well as The Lumineers. One online friend even quipped about how many bad church bands try to sound like Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers ("the Lumineers & Mumford - inspiring really bad teen church bands throughout this great land" ~ Bob Carlton). No doubt this happens. Heh. There was also some complaint that there were so many better bluegrass bands than Mumford. "What?" I replied to my computer screen. Mumford and Sons aren't a bluegrass act. 

What I found interesting was how people were struggling to categorize the kind of music that was being offered last night. Do we need a Skiffle category? What does it mean that The Goad Rodeo Sessions won for Best Folk Album? Interesting to ponder. Ah well...Skiffle is not Old Time which is not Bluegrass which is not Folk and yet there's so much overlap in instrumentation that one wonders if any of the genres hold up any longer. Maybe we need two categories: Best Song With a Banjo, Best Song Without a Banjo...

Here are four videos for you. Mumford, Lumineers, Steep Canyon Rangers, and Goat Rodeo...three were winners, four were nominated.








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