Liturgical Satire 101

Posted December 17, 2013 @ 8:07am | by Tripp

Beloved, pray for us. ~St. Paul

Antiphons are all the rage this time of year, especially the "O Antiphons." Perhaps you think I jest? Think again, intrepid liturgiologist. Even the satirists have gotten a hold of the Big O. "While regional variations make a complete list of O antiphons impossible, a list of those most frequently sung would include 'O Sapientia,' 'O Radix Jesse,' 'O quam gloriosum,' and 'O da mihi locum ubi vagantur bubali.'"

"O Wisdom," "O Root of Jesse," "O how glorious,"  and, lastly, "O, give me the place where the buffalo roam." Break out your liturgical banjo, my friends. Advent is drawing to a close. 

I wish I were the source of such Adventish shenanigans, but I am not. So, get thee to The Low Churchman's Guide to The Solemn High Mass. You'll be glad you did. Wear taupe. 

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