I See Liturgy Everywhere Now

Posted December 7, 2013 @ 10:31am | by Tripp

The Liturgy:
I can see the liturgy everywhere
(an occupational hazard,
 one assumes),
in the liner notes of old albums,
and in the articles from
Rolling Stone.
With each new issue, a new Book of Common Prayer,
and Napster (of Holy Memory)
plagues my imagination,
it’s promised liberty creating
more problems in solving
One Big Problem.

Your rites flit from place to place,
earbud sermons,
and iPod litanies.
And the congregation wonders
why church is never as “good”
as the concert they heard last night.

Once we started singing into a can,
as far as I can tell,
though there’s an excelent case
for hymnals (mass produced)
or wandering holy jongleuers,
sponsored by a Crown,
our liturgies wandered about
free of control.
We held Councils in the West.
In the East, we coralled them up in other ways,
“our liturgies,” they said.

Ever-changing, ubiquitous, inspirited,
unchained, unhindered, uncontrolled,
they flit about, and people do what they will;
this is The Liturgy
in the liner notes of an old Christmas album
or the digital booklet on
my computer. 

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