Hitting One Ph.D. Wall

Posted November 8, 2012 @ 6:30am | by Tripp

I hit a wall this week, a limitation in my present academic abilities or skills. It happens to everyone at some point. Well, that's what my fellow Sloggers suggest. They have hit their own walls, their own areas where serious work is needed or where, to be totally honest, they simply have no skill, not even aptitude. Instead, one is compelled to find a work around. 

What's happening to me is that my usual work around is not working. The skills that I have used to do work (and even good work from time to time) are not cutting it. I need new skills. I need new tools for learning. I need new abilities. 

It's at this moment when the overwhelming feeling of defeat comes. Though by no means old, I feel my age. By no means done, I sense an ending. 

No. I am not quitting. 

But I am scared. These kinds of "lane changes" always throw me for a loop. Learning new ways of thinking is slow going. And when embarrassment enters the fray (this is a particularly rudimentary skill), it's even more difficult to retool. 

So, what do I need from you? Well, your good vibes, friendship, prayers, thoughts, or a donut would be great. If you have any good resources for "adult learners" and some relaxation pills, both of those would be greatly appreciated as well. 

I'm not a particularly analytical thinker. I learn best kenetically...including conversation. Solitary reading and analysis (much of what a Ph.D. student does) is tremendously difficult. My normal way of making it work, well, aren't working.

Thus, I whine. 

I know this is the first of many walls that I'm going to collide with. I get that. I just wish I knew what to do. 


Moving on. I shall now embody the zeitgeist of the age. 

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