Getting and Staying Better?

Posted April 21, 2014 @ 3:06pm | by Tripp

Here we are on the Monday after Easter and the new Facebook settings suggests to me that many of us, myself included, are inclined to complain about others after Jesus leaves the tomb empty. So out of sorts are we that we're simply standing around pointing fingers. 
"Someone here is doing it wrong! You! You are doing it wrong!"
In the spirit of doing it wrong, I will now offer you some links. Some are to positive stories, stories that affirm life in some way. Others are more problematic. Having posted many of these to Facebook, I'm rather surprised by what generated the most commentary. Seems we have a lot to work through. I'm not being flippant or accusatory. I actually thing this stuff matters. Our bodies are semiotically empowered. So, what we wear says a lot more than any of us care to admit. Not all of it is good. 

Here are some more:

How Pope Francis, tolerant but rigorous, is winning hearts and minds "The papacy is mysterious and magical: It turns a septuagenarian into a superstar while revealing almost nothing about the man himself. And it raises hopes in every corner of the world — hopes that can never be fulfilled, for they are irreconcilable."

“You want people like that to hate you”: Reza Aslan on Glenn Beck, that Fox News interview, and who gets to speak for Jesus

Looney Tunes Echo Backstage as Opera Companies Drop Dead

Being ‘Good’ Isn’t the Only Way to Go

Peggy Shinner on 'You Feel So Mortal' "Shinner . . . casts an ever-wider intellectual net that dredges up a host of cultural associations with the body throughout history, from antiquity to the present. In the process, she lays bare the ways in which truth and distortion about our physical selves have intertwined to shape our collective thinking about large groups of people, in particular women and Jews, for good or ill."

Jack White Breaks A World Record On Record Store Day  "Once their thrashing rendition was over, the master acetates were rushed a few blocks south to the United Record Pressing plant, where they were electroplated to produce the stampers that would then turn molten vinyl and five thousand pounds of pressure into 7-inch 45 RPM records."

Patti Smith’s Advice on Life  "And do you know what I found after several decades of life? We are Pinnocchio over and over again — we achieve our goal, we become a level of ourselves, and then we want to go further. And we make new mistakes, and we have new hardships, but we prevail. We are human. We are alive. We have blood."

Great Moments In Branding: A Church Says “Hell, Yes” “Although obviously the use of 'Hell, yes' is arresting, what we’re really doing is taking a swear word that a lot of people use casually and without thinking, and reinstating its real meaning,” explains Pentagram partner Michael Bierut. “So there’s a certain underlying seriousness.”

Banjoist Jayme Stone Finds Common Language on The Other Side of The Air “I love having folk musicians and jazz musicians and chamber musicians all together finding a common language and bringing different elements of those styles together,” LISTEN

And that's what I have for you on this Monday. Y'all step back. Breathe deeply and enjoy the day. 

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