Friendship and Anonymity

Posted February 10, 2013 @ 9:19am | by Tripp

It's been twelve years since my last drink. 

I'm sitting here wondering why I pretend to be anonymous. I guess it's because I don't really want to make a "thing" of it, you know? The attempt at anonymity feels like a way to aggrandize it all...There's no aprehension about judgment. I don't worry about that any longer. Not at all.

There is this lingering reality I sometimes ponder. As a culture we like to drink. As a species we have this love of altering our consciousness. I get it. The thing is, well, it doesn't work for all of us. Not at all. 

But that's not what I want you to think about when you think about my sobriety (Do I really want you to think about my sobriety? That's fucked up.). What I really want you to think about is friendship. Would you try to do me that favor today? Call a friend and thank them for their friendship. No one makes them stick around, you know. No one makes them text you and invite you over to talk or watch the game or to just, well, play. No one makes them climb down in that hole to get your ass out when you've made your bed there. 



Friendships are what sustain me still. I have friends who I still call when it gets sticky and difficult, those people who have known me since I was barely old enough to vote, those newer friends who just "get" me seemingly in spite of the newness of the relationship. I have a list of people that I can call...especially when there's absolutely nothing going on.

So, to that end, I have a list of people to thank on this day. Today is Friendship Day.

Maybe that's something we could all do. There doesn't have to be an occasion does there? Why don't you pick a date on the calendar. Make it an annual thing if it helps. On that day honor your friendships past, present, and future. Call someone you haven't had a chance to speak to in some time. Make an effort to get together. Offer yourself as a new friend to someone. 

I don't like making a "thing" out of my sobriety. What I like doing is making a "thing" of all my friends today. I am who I am because of who my friends are and who they see me to be. 

Friendship saves me again and again every day. 

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