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Posted February 27, 2012 @ 9:37am | by Tripp

Is the church prepared to give its musicians room to experiment (and fail), to juxtapose different styles, to educate themselves in music history, to resist the tendency to rely on formulas that “work” with minimum effort and can quickly guarantee seats filled in church—and all this in order that congregational worship can become more theologically responsible, more true to the God who has given us such abundant potential for developing fresh musical sounds?
Begbie, Jeremy S., Resounding Truth: Christian Wisdom in the World of Music (p. 256)

As I have said in several places now, my brain explodes on a fairly regular even predictable basis. Seven in the evening and...*BIFF!*...There goes my brain. Everywhere. The last several days however I walk this earth for about three hours at a time before my brain explodes. It's been that kind of term. It's not that I'm surprised by any subject that I'm reading, but that I'm surprised that I get to read it. I am overwhelmed with rapidity that I have to incorporate new information. Oy. So, in the spirit or rapid incorporation I offer you Jeremy Begbie and some of my continued musings (I previously mused here) on James Smith's Open Letter to Praise Bands. You could also take a moment to read his Postscript to the same letter. He has further thoughts and a book to recommend.
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