Beauty, Abundance, and Peace

Posted November 14, 2012 @ 8:59am | by Tripp

Sometimes I need the reminder. This morning's reminder came from

Lord God,
joy marks your presence:
beauty, abundance and peace
are the tokens of your work in all creation.
Work also in our lives,
that by these signs we may see the splendor of your love
and praise you through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Yeah, sometimes I forget to pay attention to beauty, abundance, and peace. It's not that I stop believeing that there's such a thing, but more that I forget and in the forgetting cut myself off from them...and their related joys. 

I've been watching the video responses to Tuesday's SOGOMedia post as they slowly trickle in and I'm reminded of the importance of that connection to joy. I'm reminded of just how fragile that connection really is. I wonder how one might strengthen the connection. What are the practices or disciplines? How might we train our hearts and minds...and thus our relationships? 

And how might we develop the strength to bear the burden of the dry times when they come in spite of our best efforts? 

What can be done when we cannot see or hear or feel?

Golly, I'm full of questions this morning. 

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