Awakening With Words #occupycomps

Posted December 1, 2015 @ 2:46pm | by Tripp

I keep promising a colleague an essay. It's a brief essay. I just need to sit down and write it and I just can't seem to find the time. It's killing me. This, of course, is also true for my last two comprehensive exams and a Spanish language proficiency thing I need to do. Ugh. Did I mention how this is killing me?

The good news is twice this week I awoke at 4:30 with words. Words for an essay or two I'd like to write because Someone Was Wrong on the Internet. Now, this is not something I would usually be proud of, but there they were...words and a thesis and an argument and words again.

This has not been possible for many months.

So, no, I did not write the essay about the problems I have with the doctrine of "sola scriptura" erasing the bodies of believers and repacing the Body with a Text. But the desire to write such a thing does suggest to me that the things I'm supposed to write will be possible in the very near future.

I am awaking with words.


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