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Posted November 11, 2015 @ 9:58am | by Tripp

Last Saturday I was confirmed into the Episcopal Church. I joked on Monday morning that Monday felt just like every other Monday I had experienced to date. It was a joke about Mondays and their all-powerful hold on me. Meh. Mondays.

Some folk took the post to a more serious place and shared how they had hoped that their confirmations would make them more holy or make them feel something at all. 

Some suggested that I needed tea or to attend Evensong. Excellent and funny suggestions littered my timeline.

There was also the surprise I received from so many of the choisters at Church of the Holy Comforter in Richmond, VA. Some I know, some I don't, but they all welcomed me home or welcomed me back. It was an incredible gesture and I am grateful for it. 

But not all the responses are positive. Some folk are hurt and, though it is not surprising, it grieves me no less. Being confirmed "un-Baptists" me for some folk. It removes me from this cadre of Baptist affinities and places me somewhere else. I wonder now how many of the relationships will hold up through this transition. 

This is what confirmation has become for me. It is a road marker, a standing stone in the midst of a transition. It is a choice of direction. The bishop laid his hands on me (and called me George Vincent, but that's another story) and now I am somewhere else. It's not really the bishop's work, however, that causes the grief. It's my decision to stand there and receive his work. 

Our decisions matter. Sometimes we don't know how much until we have made them. We cannot know the implications until we have made them. Will my Baptist family be able to receive me as an Episcopalian in their midst the way that some Episcopalians we able to receive me as a Baptist in their midst? It's not about theology (polity, believer's baptism, etc), but it is about affinity groups. 

Does my decision to be confirmed into one people call into question my commitments to another people?

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